Saturday, April 4, 2009

Honest Thomas

So here's a little story. Last week Sarah and I went to Rasputin(the same day we went to Virgin) and as we got on the elevator to go up to the top floor we noticed the elevator guy was playing some elliott smith on his little boombox and we thought whatever. So we get back on and he talks to us about something random and we got off on another floor. So on our way down we get in the elevator again and the guy starts rattling off about how he has heart murmurs and his mom told him not to drink caffeine because he could die. All the while Sarah and I are wondering why the hell he is telling us all this with a ferver and excitement this kind of conversation does not warrant among strangers. So in his flurry of words he ends the conversation by handing me a way too expensive postcard for his band Honest Thomas and with a "I'm the shit" smirk tells me he is playing bottom of the hill on April 6th(which is tomorrow). I take it and go home. 20 minutes ago i went to their myspace page.

This is a warning. Do not support this band. This band sucks and needs to not make music. With so many interesting artistic endeavors floating around this city, no one needs Honest Thomas and their half baked emo/nu metal but we still look like indie kids horse shit. If any of you know these kids I am not sorry for what I have said and I would encourage you to tell them to stop making this music. It is god awful.

here is their myspace:

don't hate me please for what you hear.


  1. you are a meanie pantz. and no im not going to listen to that shiz. at least we got star wars movie and hot rod.

  2. first of all your a huge bitch... second of all you wouldn't know good music if it smacked you in the face.. however you will be plenty aware of when I smack you in the face. They are amazingly talented and whoever has time to blog obvioulsy has no talent, no life and has serious self esteem issues.... how about this, get a life, and by the sounds of it loose some weight or something!

  3. hey hey! This is Mike from Honest Thomas.. thanks for this reveiw! I just wanted to let you know that we get anyone who writes us a reveiw into any show of their choice.. so let me know when you can make it out and we'll make sure to get you in..

    Thanks again!
    Mike and the rest Honest Thomas

  4. Mike from Honest Thomas has just shown you what class looks like. Maybe you should take in their show before you allow yourself to be so superior. Oh and tell me, what did you say your musical talents were? Those who can, do, those who are talentless and bitter, blog!