Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flipper-Gone Fishin' (1984)

So by now many of you have definately heard Flipper's Generic, it's a classic punk album and a lot of people love it and equally hate it. This is their second album that was never released on cd until late last year, it came out in 1984 and i can definately see why punks hated this band because this album spits in the face of punk. They add xylophone, horns, and synthesizers to their sound. They even get a little poppy with their melodies. The lyrical bile is still intact but the sound is evolving and exploring new ground for them. This second album is art punk at it's finest and they made it without giving a damn about the punks who hated them in the first place. By not adhering to the "rules" of punk they created a truly punk masterpiece and furthered the exploration of sound that punk seemed to want to do in the first place. By stepping to the side and opening up their sounds i salute Flipper for creating a nice little noisy piece of art more akin to Can than the Dead Kennedys.

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