Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OVENS or whats the deal with poppy indie rock these days (2009)

So I recently picked this up and I have to admit I was turned onto this band by aquarius records and it is essentially being released by them on TUMULT. Anyways, this album is pure unabashed poppy indie/punk/pop/some very subtle metal influences. In a nutshell i would say the easy way to describe the sound on this album is that it takes the songwriting approach of early Weezer adds a bit of more modern 90s indie rock like built to spill, pavement, and elliott smith than adds the vocals from They Might Be Giants. To some people this might seem like a horrible mix to others it would be the perfect mix. I have to admit a lot of the songs sound the same and it is a bit cheesy but the earnestness of the playing and the slight little flourishes of experimentation bring to mind the sheer exuberant expressions of the classic early indie rock records or maybe even something like the Pixies.
The sheer detached sense of playing and image makes these guys at least feel like the real deal, there is no notion of selling out, no vampire weekendisms here, no hype(yet) but this music has a joy and youthfulness to it that makes sense among all the other poppy indie rock bands. This reminds me of the Unicorns, another great band formed out of what seems to almost be an accident. Just catchy music with pretty dark lyrics.
These guys are local, from Millbrae and i had no idea they existed until aquarius showed me. But seriously, Spring is almost here and this album should be playing when you go to the beach or have a bbq.
There is a lot to talk about after digesting this album. It's a lot of album. 44 tracks( most tracks are about a minute long) It collects 3 of their albums and it will be only an amount of time before this gets swept up into the vast musical community but for now they seem out of the musical loop and doing what they want to do and that kicks ass.

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