Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new shit this week

so new mastodon, new doom, and fever ray all came out today. what are your guys' thoughts?

personally i have heard snippets of mastodon and what i have heard i really like musically but it sucks vocally but i am not saying the album sucks yet.

new doom sounds pretty solid, it has bukowski samples on it.

and the fever ray album is really solid

let me know what you think

1 comment:

  1. i dont' have any problem with the vocals on the mastodon album. if anything they just kinda sound like ozzy. i've heard the whole album, and i think i like it- obviously its another step away from the intensity of remission and leviathan, but honestly that just makes sense for them at this point in their career and i'm not hating on that. so, in approaching the album on its own merits... i like it. i've heard some of the doom and it seems pretty good. fever ray i don't know if i care about at all.