Tuesday, March 31, 2009

music related but not actual music

Ok so yesterday i went into Virgin megastore on powell and 4th. I went in because the signs on the door showed the store was closing for good, just like tower did a couple of years ago. Now if any of you remember when Tower went under it was all of their stores and the sales were amazing, up to 80% towards the end, i remember i spent about 90 bucks and got about 17 brand new expensive cds, an awesome deal right? Well Virgin is "doing the same thing". i put this in quotes because it is much different. First off let me state that Virgin is by no means going out of business entirely. there are still a couple more stores, a record label, an airline and an epic phone provider. So they arent actually going out of business and they don't really need the money like Tower did. So why is this bad. Well the sales going on at Virgin are not sales at all. I went in and being the skeptic i am checked a few of the prices on the dvds and cds. ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN JACKED UP FROM THEIR OLD PRICES. So for example a cd that was 10 bucks 3 weeks ago is now 18.99 oh but wait it's 30% off which makes it around 14 bucks, thats 4 more dollars then the original price before the "BLOWOUT SALE". Everything was like this, dvds marked up to 30 bucks t shirts now costing 30 bucks before the discount. So basically all i am saying is in reality there is no sale, there is no amazing discount because they have adjusted their prices accordingly and they are just preying on the common man to be naive and spend away and that really sucks.

sidenote: if you dont feel this is appropriate for the blog feel free to delete it.


  1. unfortunately some people actually only need to feel that they are saving money, without taking the time to discern whether they are actually saving money. Either way, it will benefit the economy.

  2. ha ha this is fine for the blog, we can talk about whatever.