Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Captain Beyond-Self Titled (1972)

So this here is a prime example of proto punk/metal from the 70s. It's like typical 70s rock with a bit more muscle in the playing yet very trimmed of most of the 70s style excesses that would sometimes bog down/inspire greatness in the prog to come.
In terms of a history of the band, it goes a little something like this; Original singer of Deep Purple gets kicked out/leaves the band. Drummer and bassist of Iron Butterfly are bored and kicking it in LA after the hiatus of their band. Guitarist of the edgar winter band is also bored in LA. They all meet and form a supergroup of sorts and thus Captain Beyond is born.
Lean super tight heavy rock played with prog tendencies if you like metal, hard rock, 70s rock, Flower Travellin Band, King Crimson and Dust you need to get on this.
This is super easy to find and cheap too. You can pick it up at amoeba new for 10 bucks, ya know if you still like to buy cds that is.

dont know if these links will work i still need to work out this shit, im not too good with this stuff.

UPDATE: fixed em dude- AW

Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)
Captain Beyond - Myopic Void


  1. fuck yeah dude, thanks you will have to explain to me how to do that.

    also whenever i try to listen to some of the samples off the albums you posted zshare wont let me.

  2. yeah i had a couple of questions about that. can you hear the ones you posted on zshare? do you have windows media player? what browser are you using? finally, is it possible that the songs are just taking a while to load?